Joy Crossingham

joy crossinghamHello! I’m Joy Crossingham, the owner of Brisbane Lashes Salon,  Lash Dolls Boutique, LashJoy Academy and LashJoy.

My career in the Eyelash Extension industry began in 2008 after attending a very basic short lash course in Bangkok whilst I was on holidays seeing my family!

Whilst my business has grown substantially since the early days, I first started out the way many Lash Stylists still do today, with a handful of clients and a home based salon as well as offering mobile treatments.

I fell in love with the art of Eyelash Extensions instantly as I loved the creative aspect and the ability to help woman feel more beautiful and confident in themselves. Something that still drives me today.

My love for the industry has turned into somewhat of an obsession which prompted me to begin offering comprehensive training courses to share my knowledge around 2013. Since then I have facilitated or spoken at nearly 150 events all over Australia, Japan and soon America and Canada.

Training and teaching others is something I’m very passionate about as when I first began there was virtually nobody to learn from. Everything had to be figured out by trial and error so to be able to help other aspiring Lash Stylists avoid those early mistakes and build a successful business for themselves is very rewarding for me.

Over the years I have also won numerous International awards for my work including winning the "Rising Star" Award at the International Lash Wars competition - Las Vegas June 2014.

At the 2015 Las Vegas Lash Wars I placed 3rd out of a talented field of 12 International Stylists in the "Volume Lashes" category.

The focus moving forward is to continue to set new benchmarks within the industry in the areas of eyelash extension application, comprehensive training as well as offering the safest and highest quality supplies to Lash Stylists worldwide via LashJoy and answering all your lash extensions questions via AskJoy.