About AskJoy Lash Podcast

I get literally 100’s of messages and emails every month from lash stylists far and wide asking me questions about all sorts of things lash related. From how to style correctly for different eye shapes to how to troubleshoot retention issues like a Pro to how to get the perfect angles for your photos to post on Instagram. Read on to find out where the Lash Podcast idea was born. 

Why a Podcast?

You name it, I’ve been asked it. But I often think there must be so many other Lash Technicians out there that have the exact same questions that could benefit from hearing these answers which is where the AskJoy Podcast idea was born. Basically, AskJoy will allow me to share my expertise with a much wider audience and help more Lash Stylists become better at what they do.

My goal in starting the AskJoy Podcast is firstly to create a place where Lash Stylists can ask any question they like without fear of being humiliated or judged simply because they don’t know the answer to something. Something that happens all too often on some public forums unfortunately.

Secondly, I want Lash Stylists to be confident that the advice being given to them is by someone who really know what they are talking about and that the advice is safe, accurate and most importantly that it actually works when implemented.

Why me?

For those that may not know me (get in touch via contact form) and are wondering how I am qualified to be giving information to others, here is a snapshot of my background and experience within the Lash Industry so far:

  • I’ve been lashing full time for almost a decade and in that time I’ve applied well over 10,000 sets of lashes.
  • I started from scratch offering only mobile lashes, barely breaking even. Today I now run two highly sought-after eyelash extension salons (Brisbane Lashes and LashDolls Boutique, an incredibly successful Lash Supplies business (LashJoy) as well as a National Training Academy (LashJoy Academy).
  • I have featured on the popular Australian television program A Current Affair as an industry expert to speak about the Australian Lash Industry.
  • My team and I have numerous International Awards for our Lash Work, including winning 2nd & 3rd places in the Volume Category at the 2015 International Lash Wars Competition in Las Vegas.
  • I have been the keynote speaker at several Lash Conferences.
  • Since 2013 I have facilitated well over 150 Training events across Australia and Japan teaching both beginners Classic through to Advanced Volume.
  • I now have 100’s of students whose work is regarded as some of the very best within the lash community and a brand new LashJoy Artist online directory designed to help our certified students from all over the world get more clients by connecting with potential lash clients.
  • In July 2017 I hosted and led the judging panel for Australia’s first ever LIVE Lash Competition being held at the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo.